Rafting Neretva basic package

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Rafting Neretva offers some of the best whitewater rafting in the region with the most interesting rafting routes starting from Glavaticevo and finishing in Konjic.

The length of the tour is about 23 km and it takes about five hours to complete. All along the way rafters can enjoy breathtaking scenery and explore sites such as Rakitnica canyon and numerous small cascades made by tributaries of Neretva river.

And for those of you  addicted to the thrill of the adrenaline rush, that exciting, pleasurable feeling – well,  there are plenty of cliffs you can jump off along the way.

Rafting difficulty: grades 1-3.

Digital photo service provided – a professional photographer will travel along with the group taking great photos of your amazing rafting experience.

Requirements: Good swimming ability | Minimum age:  14 | Weight:  max. 120 kg

Duration: 5 hours including transport and changing time.



Here is all the necessary information about your Rafting Neretva Adventure. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

  • Arival to Rafting Base Camp - 09:00

    You are required to organize your own transportation from your departure point to the rafting start location - Rafting Base camp. You are expected to be there by 09:00. Upon arival you will be briefed and provided rafting gear.

  • Departure towards the rafting start location in Glavaticevo - 11:00

    After we gear up, it is time to board the bus that will take you for a 60 min trip to Glavaticevo rafting start point. On the way there we will make a brief stop at Boracko Lake lookout pount for a short break and photo opportunity.

  • Rafting start at - 12:00

    After ariving to start point in Glavaticevo, we get off the bus, get in the rafts and start our descent towards Rakitnica Canyon where we will make a 30 min swim stop.

  • Rakitnica Canyon Swim Stop - 14:00

    The first leg of the journey finishes when we arive to the point where Rakitnica tributary river meets Neretva. This is where we get out of the rafts and enjoy some fun in the sun.

  • Second leg of the Journey - 14:30

    After a nice relaxing swim stop, it is time to embark on the second leg of our rafting journey.

  • Arival to Base camp - 16:00

    At aproximately 16:00 we will arive back to the rafting base camp. Now after a warm shower and a change of clothes, it is time for traditional Bosnian Lunch. Now it is time to say goodbye to your skipper and all the wonderfull people you met today. You will receive a complimentary CD with photos to keep as memory of this amazing day filled with excitement and adrenaline.

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